Monday, February 16, 2009

A note to congressional Republicans

I have been watching the tone in Washington in the last few weeks and what I am seeing makes me sick. The partisan posturing of Republicans in the Senate and House has been nothing short of staggering. By most polls the majority of Americans support the package as it was passed. Barack Obama has reached across party lines repeatedly trying to find a bipartisan solution. Instead of taking his offer, Republicans have grabbed every reporter with a running camera to talk about how he hasn't reached across party lines. Most Americans don't realize this but the Republicans have spent $790 billion just on Iraq, a war against a country that couldn't hurt us and wasn't home to terrorists until we deposed the government keeping them out. Add to that another $206 billion for Afghanistan and you have blown away the stimulus package by leaps and bounds. It is time to spend some money on America. It is time to put Americans first. It is time for the Republican party to stop being lying little whiners and start doing what they were elected to do. If that doesn't sit well with Republicans, we can always vote the rest of their sorry asses out.