Monday, September 22, 2008

Heros and Monsters

"Battle not with monsters lest ye become a monster and if you gaze into the abyss the abyss gazes into you." — Friedrich Nietzsche

America currently stands on a precipice overlooking a great abyss. This soul sucking chasm's gaping jaws await as on all sides we are pushed towards it by the "monsters" we are told are seeking to kill us. Fear is used by our leaders to prod us into giving up our basic liberties. Our collective rage is quelled and misdirected by leaders who scare us with shadow puppets. We need a hero.

The hero is one who can shine the light on the puppet show and rid us of the shadow monsters, leaving only the puppet masters and the real monsters. This opens avenues of escape once blocked by fear. This hero needs to guide us away from the precipice and rally our nearly broken spirits. There are real monsters to fight and we must be ready for them.

Every day I gaze into this abyss that looms so large, wondering if anyone else even sees it. Some days it gazes back. There are days when I find the fight to pull the world from the edge exhausting. I know I am not the hero this world needs. My light simply isn't big enough to dispel all of the shadow monsters. I can see the puppet masters with their giant lights, projecting monstrous shadows yet few around me can see the same.

I feel like I am standing by a train track, watching those around me standing on the tracks. I am screaming warnings of an oncoming train but they are too immersed in their iPods to hear me. When I try to pull out their ear buds to scream the warning, they simply anger that I have stopped the music and refuse to hear anything further. I wonder if they will move when the tracks start to rumble or will they even notice? Maybe when the glaring light is bearing down on them, or will they simply think it sunrise?

Is there anybody listening or am I simply screaming into the storm?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

How can this happen?

How can the race between John McCain and Barack Obama be this close? After eight years of an idiotic right wing nut job in the house that almost no one approves of, how can the Republicans in America want more of the same? Can we afford another pair in the White House who think God put them there? Can we afford two ardent supporters of a war that was started on a lie and is currently responsible for trillions of dollars of debt? If we as a nation were to spend half of what we have wasted on this war of lies here at home, not one child in this country would go without health care. Invested in education, millions of lower income students could turn the tide of poverty by going to college. Republicans talk of ending the "welfare state" and yet refuse to invest in the one idea that can fix that, education. Instead they send our young men and women into countries that hate us to die bringing democracy to countries that want theocracy. Speaking of theocracy, should John McCain die in the White House, likely due to his age and health history, we would have someone in the White House who believes that God put her there to enact "his" plan to rid the world of abortions, even for rape victims. She would continue by furthering "his" plan to end the teaching of evolution and replace it with creationism. She would set up the Christian answer to Sharia Law in this country. We have to stop this lunacy and we have to stop it now. We must do everything we can to prevent the election of McCain/Palin.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sarah Palin

Holy fuck on a stick. Sarah Palin, the new Republican VP nominee, scares the living bejesus out of me. If John McCain wins, this far right wingnut Pentecostal will be one heartbeat away from the presidency. If this woman doesn't make you scared, you either aren't paying attention or should be committed. This woman wants Creationism in our science classes, God in our government, no sex ed in schools, and no abortions for anyone, ever. This in 2008. This is the best Republican can come up with? Are they out of their fucking minds? Rhetorical question...

First, I know a few Pentecostals and they are generally good people. Good people who believe they can speak in tongues, believe the Bible to be the infallible word of God, the sick can be healed through prayer, and one can be "saved" through "acceptance of Jesus Christ." That is fine for an individual who isn't making key decisions on how the most powerful nation on earth is run.

The bottom line about abortion is it is a valid medical procedure for women who for one reason or another can't carry the pregnancy. There are plenty of valid reasons for it and the decision in the end must be between the woman and her Doctor. If you don't own a uterus, you don't get to be involved.

Abstinence education DOES NOT FUCKING WORK! Texas teen pregnancy rates are through the roof here in Texas as a direct correlation. Condoms save lives, prevent disease, and prevent unwanted pregnancy. Parents in America are so sexually repressed that they can't teach their kids what a condom is and how to use one. Teens have sex. Teens who are educated about it are more likely to wait to start having sex and once they do are smarter about it. Studies have come in by the thousands that real, honest sex education prevents disease and pregnancy. Anyone fucking stupid enough to deny that has no business in a position of power, period.

Creationism is the clear attempt of religious lunatics, the people who brought you the inquisition and flat earth theory, to pry their way back into science classrooms. Creationism and intelligent design are NOT FUCKING SCIENCE. They are religious propaganda.

In the final analysis, if you want a theocracy, vote Republican. If you want sane, rational government, vote Obama. People like Sarah Palin must be fought at all turns in the same way one might oppose Adolf Hitler.