Friday, October 07, 2005


I just read this article in Times Online. The only thing I can ask is, Mr. President, are you insane? Yeah, we all know about your faith and how it gets you through. YOU did not fight terrorists in Afghanistan. YOU did not end tyranny in Iraq. Our military did through their blood sweat and tears. The sons and daughters of this nation did.

I get the "talking to God" thing is a figure of speech. What I don't get is why God would say allow our men to be killed while we tie their hands. Either let them wipe these bastards out or pull them out. The only thing jihadists understand is jihad. Americans can't stomach full jihad so pull them out.

The war between factions of Islam is millennia old. We won't stop it with the puny force we are trying to use. It is like standing between two rabid dogs and telling them to be nice.

A friend of mine had a good idea. Arm the pro-American factions and pull out. Let them duke it out. Offer some air and arms support to our team but otherwise pull our soldiers out. If on occasion a leader comes to power we don't like, send in a black ops hit squad and take the bastard out. One shot, one kill. If it bleeds over into other nations, carpet bomb them. If it gets out of hand, carpet bomb them. If they threaten us, you get the idea. Let them kill each other till they are blue in the face. If they get out of hand, turn the country to a sheet of glass. No mess, no dead Americans.


Brock Neilson said...

I have a lot of mixed feelings about the current situation too.
I am not sure what to think but it but is nice to read this post and know that somebody is thinking.

Many thanks.

Angel said...

America just needs to keep its sticky little fingers outta everyone else's business.

Why do we, as a nation, feel compelled to "step in" and mingle with other people's issues? Granted some things directly effected/effect us, but for the most part, we shouldn't just jump in and try to change things (in a matter of months or a few years).

It's their battle, let them duke it out. Why are we losing men and women over something that really isn't our problem?!?

- Rev_Sapphire

PS: If this is such an important thing for "Dub-yah", then why aren't HIS daughters over there fighting with the rest of America's sons and daughters?!?

Brock Neilson said...

I do have to wonder what America would do if China thought that our country was a chaotic mess and decided to come in and fix us up with a "free" government like their own.

JC said...

The US always seems to have the most pristine motives, but we lack the stomach for real fighting.

The most famous blunder in history is getting involved in a land war in asia, is it not?

Anyway, we're screwed now, we don't have the political will to fight as hard or as ruthlessly as our enemmies, so they will win.

If we leave, we lose, if we stay, we lose, and more of our friends die.

Never should have gone. It's funny how the people who knew this, who said this before the invasion, were unamerican, were cowards, the worst kind of traitorous dogs. The press, the democrats, all wimped out, intimidated by the chickenhawks.

Your suggestion is as good as we're going to get, but it's something we don't have the stomach for.

We really ought to just stay out of the war business altogether, we're not cut out for it.

We love life far too much, and our enemies, love death even more.