Saturday, January 13, 2007

Re-affirming my belief in our future

I just got back from judging the Calallen Speech and Debate Tournament. I've said it before and I'll say it again, just when my belief in our society is dwindling, I judge a tournament and those kids bring a spark of hope back to a roaring fire. I watch speakers who started rough around the edges last year grow into polished orators. I see kids tackling powerful topics with a passion and fire that inspires me. Topics that most adults are scared to skirt these kids plow right through. I am exhausted now from a full day of judging but I sleep tonight with renewed hope for the future.


Anonymous said...

Hey!! This is April from the tournament. I never actually did get the chance to thank you.. You are truly awesome!!! (and even though i messed up bizzad in finals, you still...sort of had faith in my piece)Haha... oh and if Ryan Boldin (my sweetie pie) gives you a hard time about "hittin on the young'ns", just blow him off...haha like i was joking around and said something like "yeah he didnt really like my piece, he just liked my huevos" Well once again, thank you... i hope you get the rest that you need...had i not had a full throttle about 20 minutes ago, i MIGHT be able to do the same, but now it appears that im going to be awake and jittery for a few hours now... *__insert bad word here__* now im beyond the point of exhaustion, AND jittery... isnt april smart? well hope to talk to you later (and maybe see you at king or PSJA) toodles!!
<33, April!

Michael J. Clarkson, Jr. said...

Glad you found the blog. Tell your friends. I give extra speak points to competitors who cite this blog in rounds. See ya at King!

Anonymous said...

Hey. Thanks for entertaining me for those one and a half hours we waited for my NLD opponent. It was really great hearing all you had to say and learning about religions and whatnot. I really didn't think I was going to win that round because I was hungry, sleep deprived and had a stomach flu - but she wasn't really listening to my case and just attacked around my value.

Anywho. Thanks for finding me on myspace and adding me (not sure how you did that) - maybe you will judge me again at King!

Until we meet again - Cass.