Tuesday, September 09, 2008

How can this happen?

How can the race between John McCain and Barack Obama be this close? After eight years of an idiotic right wing nut job in the house that almost no one approves of, how can the Republicans in America want more of the same? Can we afford another pair in the White House who think God put them there? Can we afford two ardent supporters of a war that was started on a lie and is currently responsible for trillions of dollars of debt? If we as a nation were to spend half of what we have wasted on this war of lies here at home, not one child in this country would go without health care. Invested in education, millions of lower income students could turn the tide of poverty by going to college. Republicans talk of ending the "welfare state" and yet refuse to invest in the one idea that can fix that, education. Instead they send our young men and women into countries that hate us to die bringing democracy to countries that want theocracy. Speaking of theocracy, should John McCain die in the White House, likely due to his age and health history, we would have someone in the White House who believes that God put her there to enact "his" plan to rid the world of abortions, even for rape victims. She would continue by furthering "his" plan to end the teaching of evolution and replace it with creationism. She would set up the Christian answer to Sharia Law in this country. We have to stop this lunacy and we have to stop it now. We must do everything we can to prevent the election of McCain/Palin.

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