Friday, June 12, 2009

Fun with distractions

You know, every time something important is about to happen in Washington, politicians against producing anything actually beneficial to this country remember how easily the cumulative Attention Deficit Disorder of the nation is aroused. We start to move towards rational health care discussion in this country and instead we have Republicans posturing for a fight over a perfectly legitimate judge, more idiotic posturing over gay marriage, and new calls of "drill baby drill." Add to that, the national news media plays right into this with lead stories like the fight between the now defunct Miss California and Perez "I'm a dumbass" Hilton. While I support the gay rights movement completely, Perez Hilton sets the movement back a generation as a living, walking parody of every gay stereotype.

You see, even with me, I digress from the important point at hand to wallow in the silliness. What I originally meant to write about I have only touched on.

The most important issue facing this nation right now is health care reform. This nation needs an immediate shift in the way we view health care. In a free and civilized nation, health care as a privilege only to those who can afford it is a crime against humanity. Health care to every citizen is how the rest of the civilized world does it and it works. Canada has nationalized health care and despite the Republican myths, it works. We must have single payer, nationalized health care in this country. We must stop these silly distractions, ignore all of the talking points, and rally for national health care in this country and not stop the mantra until such time as our leaders serve the common good or we decide to revolt. No longer can corporate interests sever the common good in the medical field. Medicine must be a right in any truly free society and it is time we caught up with the rest of the free world.

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