Saturday, June 05, 2010

Rock Bottom

I've hit a new low. Tonight I downloaded World of Warcraft 10 day free trial. How pathetic am I that WoW is how I spent a Friday night as a single man? Doesn't help that I am stone cold broke. I couldn't buy a Coke with the contents of my bank account. Sure, I am healing from surgery. It has just been such a huge downer this week. Sitting here in this baren apartment, not a thing of value to my name that I don't owe money on. I am almost 32 and have no savings, am scraping by for the basics, and have proven myself incapable of a successful long term relationship. And now I am a Level 7 Night Elf Warrior after only a couple of hours. This better be rock bottom. My shovel is getting dull.

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