Monday, July 25, 2005

Bad Cop, No Doughnut

So it looks like the cops finally tracked down a hardened criminal. Apparently the doughnut budget has been cut and cops have to fill the coffers again and it is so much easier to stop someone going a couple of miles over the limit. For the record my speedometer read under 40 mph and the cop claimed it was 45 mph. Note the car in front of me was traveling faster and was let off with a warning. It was not a school or construction zone and all of the surrounding vehicles were moving at the same speeds. Go find a real criminal. No one ever died from traveling a mile or two over the speed limit. If I had been going 60 mph it would be another matter. But if I fight the ticket it could cost me more than just taking it up the ass from the city. As it stands it will cost me around $135 for the ticket. Poll of the peanut gallery: should I fight it or just grab the KY and bend over?

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