Friday, August 05, 2005

Music of life

I'm listening to Dave Matthews "So Damn Lucky" from his solo album. The lyrics got me thinking. For those who haven't heard the song, the whole song takes place in the moments after his car starts sliding. His heart is racing and his last few moments are flashing. "Everythings different, just like that, Oh my God, wait and see, what will soon become of me, frozen heart, screaming wheels, or does that screaming come from me..." Words that draw a picture so poiniant you can't miss it. Do words set to music carry more meaning? Why? I have no idea why this struck me as an interesting concept.

The other day Tiff and I went with our friends Heather and Austin to karaoke and sang till our voices were raw. I sang one just for Tiff, Billy Dean's "If There Hadn't Been You," and the emotion of that song makes me love her more. I've said these things to her thousands of times but throw them to a tune and suddenly, just by singing them, they are amplified. I know I'm no Frank Sinatra but I love to sing. I love the power it gives me. The ability to make someone smile, laugh, cry, or feel loved. I must also admit, being true to my Leo form, being in the spotlight makes me happy. I heard one guy say, "...this guy is good..." to his date and it made my night. Having the crowd go nuts for "Margaritaville" also rocked.

Why is it I can't do this for a living? Maybe me and Austin ought to put our heads together and figure out our own act. Austin is a guitarist and, as it turns out, a kick ass singer. I'm thinking I could learn rhythm, he could take lead, we get a bass and drums and we have a band a la Brooks and Dunn.

Or maybe I am just talking out my ass again and should stick to karaoke Monday and Tuesday nights...

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