Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Attack of the wild Fandango...

So I was going to "The Omen" last night with some friends. I had bought my tickets online via Fandango (which, by the way, is just fun to say. Go ahead, say it with me. Fandango. Now say it louder. FANDANGO! Now have fun explaining the joys of online ticket purchase to the people around you who are looking at you funny.) Everyone else decided to get tickets at showtime. Once we all arrived at the theatre we discovered the show was sold out for all showings. That is right, people from the town who's name literally translates to body of Christ want to see the child of the devil. Go figure. I was actually surprised there were no religious protestors the way there were for the Da Vinci Code.

So I got a refund and we all went to play a hilarious game of Trivial Pursuit, Pop Culture Edition. This is where I get my ass handed to me by a bunch of girls because while I can tell you which Cambodian dictator received a Viking style funeral where he was sent off in a burning boat (Pol Pot) or the atomic weight of Uranium (238, or 235 if enriched for weapons grade use), I have no idea who produced "Evita" or which Quarterback first said, "I'm going to Disney World" after winning Super Bowl XXVIII (28 for those not versed in Roman numerals).

So last night turned out for the best I think. We all got to laugh, chat, have fun, and most of all we learned an important lesson. Never try to buy tickets for a devil movie in Corpus Christi at the door. Fandango! That is all.

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Angel said...

As far as I can tell there were no protestors for The DaVinci Code here in A-Town...Figures CC would have some religious fanatics trying to shut down nothing more than an interesting-idea-turned-book-and-later-movie.

- Rev_Sapphire