Tuesday, June 20, 2006

CNN made me do it

I have been holding off posting these last few days because all that comes to mind when I go to post are rants and I was hoping to lighten things a bit. Then I read this on CNN.com and it set me off. To boil it down for those too busy to read the article, two more soldiers in Iraq were slaughtered. This time their bodies were so mutilated they had to be identified by DNA and were left booby-trapped at the end of a bomb lined road. What irked me most was not their death but the ad banner at the side of the article that said "Anderson Cooper 360° TV Exclusive: Interview with Angelina Jolie". For the love of Christ, have enough respect for the dead to turn off the fucking ad banner if all you can show is this trivial banality! Here we have two of America's finest found mutilated to the point their own mothers couldn't identify them and right next to it you have Anderson Cooper interviewing a crazy, reclusive, irrelevant, nitwit about doing something women have done since the dawn of time.

Has America gotten so stupid that an interview with a movie star counts as news? This takes me back to the news that more Americans voted for the last American Idol than voted in the last Presidential Election. Soldiers are dying, our country is run by both the corrupt and the idiotic, and we Americans just shrug. American Idol has an ancient dude with a harmonica that calls his posse the "Soul Patrol" and Americans rush to the phones, sometimes redialing a hundred times just to get through so their voice can be heard. Angelina pops an illegitimate kid and it is must see TV. News breaks of our politicians taking away yet another freedom and we ask ourselves, "I wonder if there is anything on E!".

See what happens when I read the news! F'ing CNN.com...

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