Monday, October 09, 2006

Fun words

Wanker. Kolache. Poop. Wenus. Booger. Some words are just so much fun to say. I was chatting with the coolest chick from Ohio who now lives in Texas and used the word wanker and it made me laugh. Being the attention deficient bozo I am, my brain derailed from the conversation at hand to funny sounding words.

Dave Barry had the theory that any sentence could be made funny just by a properly inserted use of the word booger. For example, the sentence "Kim Jom Il just tested a nuclear device, much to the chagrin of President George W. Bush" is quite serious. We could make it funny just by inserting booger thus, "Kim Booger Il just tested a booger device, much to the chagrin of President George W. Booger." Suddenly we have comic gold. Try it sometime. Next time you have to give a speech, randomly insert the word booger. Even if they don't laugh, they will give you funny looks and that just means they are laughing on the inside.


poopoocup said...

Ok, I read it aloud. And as soon as I got to booger, I laughed.

It is like sodomy. You can't really talk about it without a snicker.

You fuckimg wanker!

It really does suck being this cool. All the kids want you to sit at their lunch table but you have to say "no, there is only one of me."

Sometimes there is just not enough to go around even though I am all filled up with coolness.

poopoocup said...

Oh, what about goulash?

Or, queef?

JC said...

what is kolache?

Michael J. Clarkson, Jr. said...

Sausage wrapped in some form of bread dough and baked. Usually involves cheese in some way. Think pig in a blanket with sausage and better bread.

JC said...

Queef isn't really funny unless you use it as part of a name, like "Queefer Sutherland"