Thursday, October 19, 2006

Out of the random randomness

I was going to post something on Kim Jom Nitwit in North Korea but I was tired. I was going to post something on Mark Foley but the media really beat that horse to death and then started kicking it. I have had a myriad of topic ideas that I started to write about until the ADD kicked in and it was like, "Kim Jom Il is a poopyhead blah blah blah...Oh look, a new post in the Wired Table of Malcontents..." I swear sometimes I have the attention span of a three year old.

Then my wife brings home her friends from work and I start to feel so old. All of her new work friends are at least 7 years younger than me. These people are fresh out of high school and still a bit wet behind the ears. It is the first time ever I have had parties where I am the first to call it a night. Every day I look in the mirror and see more gray hair in my beard. If I did not color it the hair on my head would match. I feel a little better when a clerk checks my ID for beer but then I am brought down when they proceed to ID the 50 year old behind me.

As I get older I have started noticing, it is truly the small things in life that get me by. A cold beer in the fridge or warm kiss from my wife, a wave and smile from a stranger or a hug from a friend. For instance, each morning I drive my little girl to school. On the way I pass a crossing guard. There is nothing out of the ordinary about this crossing guard, just a nice middle aged woman, and I wouldn't know her from Adam, yet every time I drive by she has a wave and a nice smile waiting. I never even noticed that we wave at each other every day until today when she had gone to her car and wasn't in her usual spot. It was like a little hole in the day. That got me thinking and hence you have this post.

What little things get you through your day? Watch and see if you notice the small things you would ordinarily take for granted and then imagine your day without them. Then reply with those things here.


Angel said...

First off you're NOT that much older than me...Second off, tell your wife to stop hanging out with kids. Neither of you feel "with-it" or "young" when you're around them, so what's the point?

Just my two cents...Hee-hee!

- Rev_Sapphire

Michael J. Clarkson, Jr. said...

They do make me feel old but they also make me feel like the wise(assed) mentor. Think about it, corrupting a new generation...

poopoocup said...

Ok, hanging around children... not too cool. I do it everyday. Mine happens to be great but I still need to hang with people my own age, with similar ideals. It is nice to be the adult in the situation, but being the mentor-ish person will get old. I like bringing info and new ideas to the table, but I like my friends to have minds of their own. And be able to hold their own. Best of luck on that one.

As far as the crossing guard lady... I don't mean to burt the bubble but doesn't she wave at everyone? Like the beer guy IDing everyone. I get waved at. Just a thought.

How 'bout reading or swimming or fishing or arts and crafts or a good movie or a great tasting cke? Those are all things that make me feel good. Oh, also moving. I love change. Moving feels good. Right now just trying to decide where to go next.

Seriously, sweetstuff, if making you feel like a wise assed mentor or feeling like the smartest one in the room is what gives you your kicks, remember that you usually are.

How's that for helping out your ego?

poopoocup said...

Oh, and I love the new pic.

I want to make myself all cartoonie and thinner, too!

Ahhh! Gotta go. My sancho is at the door.

Michael J. Clarkson, Jr. said...

Ahhh...I heart you Le Poo.
OK, so they aren't really children. I just feel WAY older because I have to get up at the ass crack-o-dawn and they get up late because they work the late shift.

I know she waves at everyone but she waves more to me because I consistantly wave back. (Allow me my peaceful delusion.) :-)

Oh, and the pic was made at