Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Helping save the world, one cycle at a time...

So I stumbled across a great way to help save the world with spare processor cycles on your computer. Anyone with an internet connection can do it and it doesn't cost a penny. All you need to do is visit the World Community Grid website. Sign up for an account and install the software. It does the rest. You can open the window and see which project your cycles are going to at the moment and even see the results of projects computed by the grid. Most importantly, you are helping speed the calculation of problems that could save millions of lives. Every cycle given puts us that much closer to curing cancer, aids, and millions of genetic disorders.

Every second your computer is capable of using millions of processor cycles. Most people never push the limits of their processor leaving hundreds of thousands of spare cycles. With the world community grid, you are giving some of those spare processor cycles to calculate complex problems like the human genome or cures for cancer. It never slows your computer down because the software is written to never preempt any task you are doing. Your computer will become part of the largest computer grid on earth, dedicated solely to the betterment of humanity. Do your part and join today.

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