Saturday, February 16, 2008

Raging against injustice

Today, as I watch CNN, I saw a story that I had to record and watch twice just to make sure I heard it correctly. I then searched online to find an article with more detail. On the BBC website was where I found the most detailed story. There is a woman in Saudi Arabia. A poor illiterate woman who has been the victim of abuse, torture, and will soon be executed by beheading. Her crime? Witchcraft. This in the 21st century in one of the most advanced and wealthy nations in the Middle East. She was detained in 2005 by religious police. These are the same police who arrested a married American business woman for sitting in a Starbucks with a male co-worker.

These people have all the technology in the world available to them, every piece of information in the human understanding at their fingertips and yet they live like they did in the 1400's. Sharia law is the culprit. Every year, millions of innocent women are beaten, raped, and killed under Sharia law. While mainstream Islam is at least progressing towards women's rights, under Sharia law women are seen as unclean pieces of property. A woman getting raped can land her, not her attacker, in prison. School girls were left to burn alive in a school by the religious police because they weren't dressed to be in public. We in the civilized world must speak up. We must not allow Sharia law or any Wahhabist interpretation of Islam to spread further.

As a society we must not allow the shield of faith to stand. Simply because it masquerades as religion should not make it untouchable. This particular religion could very well get us all killed.

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