Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Helping save the world, one cycle at a time...

So I stumbled across a great way to help save the world with spare processor cycles on your computer. Anyone with an internet connection can do it and it doesn't cost a penny. All you need to do is visit the World Community Grid website. Sign up for an account and install the software. It does the rest. You can open the window and see which project your cycles are going to at the moment and even see the results of projects computed by the grid. Most importantly, you are helping speed the calculation of problems that could save millions of lives. Every cycle given puts us that much closer to curing cancer, aids, and millions of genetic disorders.

Every second your computer is capable of using millions of processor cycles. Most people never push the limits of their processor leaving hundreds of thousands of spare cycles. With the world community grid, you are giving some of those spare processor cycles to calculate complex problems like the human genome or cures for cancer. It never slows your computer down because the software is written to never preempt any task you are doing. Your computer will become part of the largest computer grid on earth, dedicated solely to the betterment of humanity. Do your part and join today.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

State of the Union

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." -Ben Franklin

I am watching CNN this morning and have been reading the Reuters coverage of the State of the Union Address. I am disturbed that not one news agency is covering the chunk at the middle of the address where he urged Congress to vote to extend the domestic spying program as well as legal protections for communications companies that aided in this direct violation of the Constitution. He then spent a couple of minutes wallowing in fear mongering, essentially telling Congress that not voting for these domestic spying programs makes the country unsafe.

Using the logic that, "you shouldn't mind if you have nothing to hide" is just ludicrous. Freedom for all is destroyed when liberty for some is infringed upon. Did we learn nothing from the Japanese internment camps of WWII? Giving the government freedom to violate our Constitutional rights, we spit on the graves of the men and women who died founding this great nation.

We must stand up as a nation and bring this violation of our rights to an end. If our founding fathers had believed dissent was wrong, we would have no nation to begin with. There is nothing less patriotic than blindly supporting a government that tramples on liberty.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Airport blogging

I am blogging from my new 15" MacBook Pro from the Houston IAH as I await a flight back. I just finished some user creation tasks, site updates for a client, caught up on my email, and now I am writing this all with nearly the same speeds I pull from the bonded T1 at the office. How freaking cool is that? Oh, yeah, NO WIRES...I love technology. How did I live without this...

God, thy name is Steve Jobs...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Picking a president

As I sit here in a hotel room in Houston I find myself with nothing better to do than watch the New Hampshire primary results on CNN. I have been listening to candidate speeches, watching poll results, and reading up on the histories of the candidates. It is time to contribute my thoughts on this election.

For the sake of disclosure, I have voted Republican in every election since the year I turned 18. I hated that vote the last two times but I could not in good conscience vote for Al Gore or John Kerry. I loathe George Bush but he is the evil we know. Al Gore and John Kerry were unpredictable evils. With that out of the way, lets start on the Republicans.

John McCain: This former P.O.W. has seen better days. I respect his service but I just can't see this man leading us into a new era that is any different from his predecessors.

Mitt Romney: He seems socially pretty moderate, has a great understanding of business, and while I am a good bit left of him, I like the idea of knowing where a man is coming from on a personal level. I was once Mormon and while I disagree with them, I have a great deal of respect for the way they lead their lives. I would actually list him as my second choice for president.

Mike Huckabee: This vile hate mongering bastard needs to be pulled from every ticket. First, he has engaged in a "my God is better than your God" game that has no place in a civilized society. He has lied about Mormon Doctrine to draw doubt to Mitt Romney. He has supported nothing short of lying to our children in the form of teaching Intelligent design in science class. He isn't even a real conservative, just a Jesus loving big government liberal.

Rudy Giuliani: This guy is a 1 hit wonder. I don't give a shit that he was mayor when the planes hit. His policies suck. Enough said.

Ron Paul: This is the only guy in this election I despise more than Huckabee. He has a large following of 9/11 truth proponents, KKK members, and conspiracy theorists. If you pull up the archives of his old newsletters you will discover he is a racist, xenophobic, homophobic, paranoid, vermin worthy of nothing.

The rest of the Republicans are just a waste of my time. Now to the Dems.

Hillary Clinton: This vile snake will say and do anything to get elected. If she gets nominated I might have to hold my nose and vote Republican. It has nothing to do with her being a woman or even former first lady. She can't pick a position. She has been preaching to end the war but voted every time to back the president.

John Edwards: I sort of like him but he is too extreme to actually get anything done in the White House.

Barack Obama: I heard him speak tonight and for the first time in years, I was inspired by the words of a politician. I see a great president in him. I hope the final elections are between Obama and Huckabee. Huckabee is un-electable. Obama is inspirational. He speaks of changes that can actually be made and understands that to truly govern one must not divide but instead build a coalition.

In watching this election, I am excited by the record turnouts of young voters. It is my hope that my generation is able to break through the haze MTV and Playstation has left it in and speak out. We must rise and pry the reigns from the aging hands of the fools who have put this country where it is now. To my young readers, get out and vote. Your vote is your voice. If you don't stand and fight you will be trampled.