Monday, February 01, 2010

Photos from Texas Old Town

These are some of the side photos I shot at Texas Old Town, south of Austin, during a wedding I was shooting with Annette and Tiffanie. Once the bride signs a release, the best of the photos from all three of us will be showcased at Annette McPherson Photography's blog and my own favorites will go here.

There are two reasons I don't have any of Annette and Tiffanie's shots showcased here. One, we haven't had a chance to upload and color correct the ridiculous number of awesome shots we got and two, most of their shots were bride and groom specific and we need the release signed. Technically we don't as there is a release in the contract but we like to do another as a courtesy. We all got amazing shots and I can't wait to put together the book for them and showcase the wedding here. The bride and groom are a beautiful couple, the venue was amazing, and the weather was awesome. The great photo shoot trifecta. Enjoy!

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