Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Let the barely coherent rambling begin

You know, I have thought about blogging for a while now. I always have these moments of brilliance and want a place to write them. Either that or I get mad at something and need a place to rant. Now that everyone and their dog has a blog, I figure I'll throw my worthless opinion in with the millions of others out there.

To get the basic introductions out of the way, I am Michael J. Clarkson, Jr.. I am a Computer Guru by day, blues singer by night. Well, trying to be a blues singer... I tried out for a band last week and they want me back so things look good. I practice via karaoke* as often as I can.

Anyway, I am happily married to my high school sweetheart, that story in a future post, and have a five year old little girl.

*karaoke-Literally translates to: alcohol makes any idiot think they can sing.

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