Thursday, March 31, 2005

Terri Schiavo, murder of an innocent

I don't know where to begin this post.

I feel great sorrow for the Schindler family. I feel unmitigated outrage for the conspirators in her murder. I cannot begin to describe my great sadness at the ineffectiveness of our government at stopping judges who legislate from the bench. All it would have taken was one Congressional order and the U.S. Marshals could have gone to Florida and stopped this madness. A woman was murdered by court order in a manner we don't allow for our most hardened criminals.

In Virginia hanging was ruled cruel and unusual punishment. Yet letting an innocent woman starve to death is alright to the same group of people. I am so mad I am shaking. Michael Savage had it right, Liberalism is truly a mental disorder. We think about removing a killer from society and liberals do all possible to stop it. Fair enough, they are entitled to that opinion and it acts as a good check to ensure the guilt of the killer. Now a poor woman whose only crime is not being able to feed and care for herself is killed and where were the liberals? THEY WERE SUPPORTING HER MURDER!

What really disturbs me is those who had the power to save her didn't. The President has the power to set aside punishments set down by the courts and pardon criminals so why not pardon Terri from her court imposed death sentence. Congress has the power to enforce the subpoena it sent for Terri. I am a conservative if you can't tell and I am disgusted with the Republican party because they caved to the loud minority. This two party system is an illusion. We are led by the Republicrats. The gridlock and heated debates are nothing but smoke and mirrors. I have known this for a while but my outrage has reached a new pinnacle with the death of this poor woman. I have to stop now before I completely blow my stack

I end with this, Terri, may your spirit rest with God and may God send peace to your family and this nation.

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