Monday, April 04, 2005

Story Time With Mike

My last two posts were downer central. Today I think I'll lighten the mood a bit. I feel story time coming on. What to tell... I think it would be best to tell the tale of how my wife an I met.

The year was 1994. Junior year at Richard King High School for me. The day had been somewhat uneventful. I walked into 5th period Anatomy and Physiology. I was almost late and thus, the last person there. I was normally a back row slacker so I scanned there first. The class was full. I kept scanning from back to front. My eyes fell on the seat right in front of me there on the front row. In looking at the seat I saw a pair of long creamy white legs under the table next to it. My eyes followed up the legs to the short black skirt. While all of this took less than a second in my mind it ran in slow motion. It still does. I followed the body the rest of the way up and saw this beautiful blonde haired, blue-eyed girl sitting next to the only seat in the room. Such luck! My mind instantly said, "she must have a boyfriend." I sat down. Trying not to concentrate on her I noticed a girl from the other end of the row slinking my way. I say slink because there is no better way to describe her catlike motion. She sits on my desk and flips open the front cover of my book where I had written my name. "So, Mike" she gushed, "mind if I pull up a seat?" "Damn good year," I thought to myself. She introduced herself and then proceeded to introduce the blonde sitting next to me. Celinda was the catlike being on my desk and the red hot blonde by my side was Tiffanie. Celinda grabbed a chair and sat between Tiffanie and I. As class got underway Celinda passed me a note that said something to the effect of, "Tiffanie thinks you are hot." Now I had fallen for a prank that started like this before so I played it cool. She asked me if I was going to ask her out and I responded with a maybe. Class proceeded well from there.

In the next period I received a note from the counselor. I was being moved to a different anatomy class because that one was full. Damn. I never even got her number. The next day I came in early to work on a computer science project. I finished long before I expected to and walked downstairs. I almost literally ran smack into Tiffanie. We began to chat. We walked around the whole school talking about everything but each other. I remember thinking, "are we actually talking about the weather?" The five minute bell rang and I walked her to her locker. It was a bottom locker. I only remember it because she was in another short black skirt. As she stood up we hugged, as was my custom with all my female friends.

Then something strange happened. She looked me in the eye with a longing look that reached out a grabbed me. I slowly leaned in and kissed her, just a moment at first but when my stolen kiss drew no slap I kissed her full and deep. Please note that to that point, kissing strangers was not in either of our habits. I felt her knees go weak and I knew she was mine.

It has been more than ten years since that kiss. We haven't been together that whole time. I even married a different woman before her. The tale of our ups and downs has been long and often rocky but never for a lack of love. In all the years since that time and all the women I have touched, never has a kiss matched hers. Now I am the luckiest man alive because I can feel that kiss each morning and again each night.

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