Thursday, April 07, 2005

The women in my life

I think it is time to introduce my 5 year old daughter Jasmine and my wife Tiffanie.

Tiffanie is the high school sweetheart I told you about in Story Time With Mike. She is what keeps me from climbing a clock tower with a rifle. I love her more than life itself. You will see stories of us when I have more time to write them.

Jasmine is my daughter from my first marriage. (If I'm ever in the right mood I'll tell you about that trip to hell and back.) She is a little ball of fire. I see so much of me in her and that worries the hell out of me. She is a genius like me and thus figures out the best way to get into and out of trouble. Throw in a dash of my temper for flavor and you have the reason I am going gray at 26. You gotta love that little scamp.


Anonymous said...

where the hell did you get such a cute wifey???

great picture

Crystal said...

Hey Mike! Crystal here ... that is a great picture ... I'm so glad to have found Tiff again and glad to have the 3 of you in mine and Steve's and lil' Steven's life. Peace, Luv, Happiness ... BYE!!