Thursday, August 25, 2005

Danger: Political Commentary!

Warning: The following rambling is of a political nature and is not for the regular viewing public.

Ok, now I have that out of the way and have the attention of only those who give a crap about politics I can get down to business.

First, to Cindy Sheehan, your son is mourned by all who have ever donned the uniform of any military branch. Know that this man's prayers are with you and your family. You want answers and in your position I think it is your right to have them. Any who defame you for it cannot possibly understand the loss of a child and can go to hell. I am sorry there are so many opportunistic people willing to use your grief for their political gain.

Second, Mr. President, quit talking about winning the war on terror and do it. Blow every radical cleric straight to hell. We don't need to beat around the bush (no pun intended), we need to blow all who would dare attack us on our soil to bits. How? Stop bowing to political pressure and take out the real sources of terrorism. I speak not of the stone age Afghans and Pakistanis but instead of the space age Syrians and Saudi's. Men with rocks are not what are killing our troops. Men with RPG's, bombs, and high tech communications are. These radical Islamic nations are not friends. They will destroy us.

Third, our borders are currently overrun with people coming here illegally. I speak not of Mexican immigrants who love Americans. I know and love many whose immigration from Mexico was less than legal. I speak of those who come through Mexico and Canada from other countries. They run to the nearest INS office and apply for temporary entry with easily obtained foreign identification under various pretences. They are required to report within 90 days to the local INS office in the city they enter for further processing. Only 10% of these people actually show up for these hearings. How much damage could one terrorist do with the belief that his death will bring him a one way ticket to Allah and 79 virgins. We must shut this down NOW!

I have many other rants but I also have a job so I must continue this later.

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