Friday, April 23, 2010

Censorship and South Park

*The following post contains graphic language and offensive material. If you are easily offended, do not read past this sentence. Unless you are an Islamic fundamentalist asshole. Then by all means, read on.

First, while I enjoy watching South Park on occasion I am not a regular fan of the show. I know their show often blows right past the borders of propriety into the realm of the gross, vulgar and offensive. In part, it is why I watch. Every once in a while though their shenanigans end up pointing out some societal flaw in very clear detail.

In this case, the last episode of South Park contained a depiction of Muhammad that was censored by Comedy Central for threats from There are other Islamic groups offended by depiction of Muhammad who are respectfully lodging their complaints through normal channels. These people I have no beef with and out of respect for those mainstream followers of Islam I am not going to display the original uncensored image here. Please note, I have decided not to depict Muhammad out of respect for mainstream Muslims, not fear of terrorist assholes posing as Muslims.

When any speech, especially that regarding religion is censored, we lose more freedom. Sure, South Park can be a bit tasteless in their satire. But for anyone to say that the behavior of religious fanatics does not deserve ridicule and satire, tramples the Constitution. Belief, no matter how deep, should never be allowed to stifle commentary. I don't declare war on Christians every time they call Atheists evil and of the devil. I simply point out the following:

Those who believe a bearded guy in the sky that watches everything you do and sent down his only son to act as a blood sacrifice for sin brought into the world by a woman created from the rib of a man who ate a fruit that made her aware she was naked given to her by a talking snake, shouldn't talk.

Muslims, before you go laughing at the Jesus people I remind you of the following:

Your "Prophet" married children and swung from peace and love to more violent than Hitler. He needed meds. Bi-polar disorder is no laughing matter.

Jews, before you get to thinking you are dodging the bullet, I remind you fo the following:

Just because your ancestors thousands of years ago owned a chunk of land does not mean you get the right to uproot thousands of people who have moved in since you left. It is a fucking sandbox. Learn to share or one day some asshole with the bomb will slip one past the US and blow your shit up.

Yes, South Park was making a statement offensive to all Muslims. Yes, it was in poor taste. But here in America they have every right to say it. Here in America anyone can say anything. That is until you start threatening violence to silence an opposing viewpoint.

You want Islamic law? You want to declare jihad on those who oppose your views? Go somewhere else. Go strap a bomb to yourself out in the middle of the desert at least 30 minutes drive from anywhere populated and blow yourselves up.

Or maybe you should just blow yourselves. All that pent up aggression and hatred of women needs release. Maybe you should get your balls tickled with each other's beards. Maybe pull out and give each other a dirty Muhammad... which is where you scream "ALLAH AKBAR" as you jizz in their beard. Don't pretend it doesn't happen. I had friends stationed in the middle east. As they would say in your culture, "Women are for procreation, men are for recreation."

I guess what I am saying, in the immortal words of Jon Stewart is, "Go fuck yourselves." I know, not as impressive without the choir and dancing, but just use your imaginations.

*The preceding rant is brought to you by those brave men who ratified the Bill of Rights, the first amendment of which allows me to make the dirty Muhammad joke, no matter how offensive.

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