Monday, September 12, 2005


Ok, I am a little hacked off at Google Adsense. The canceled my account for clicking the links on my site. I would click any time a new Google Ad was generated to see what was being offered to my readers. Apparently that is inappropriate. There was over $20 in that account and I highly doubt my clicking a few links generated more than a few cents of that. I used no robots or special programs, I only clicked a few of my links to review the content my site was linking to. A simple warning might have sufficed but they instead cancelled my account and took all of the money in it. Not cool Google... Not cool at all.


JC said...

I have had it with AdSense too, I am taking them off my site, I have been giving away free advertising for them for too long. the 100.00 minimum before they send you a check is just a way for them to get free space on your site. Very few blogs that aren't sex-related are going to get enough hits to make that quota in a year.

JC said...

I am getting PSAs from the Ad Council - if I am going to give it away it might as well be to something good.