Thursday, September 01, 2005

Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink

I want to let all affected directly by the ravages of Hurricane Katrina know my thoughts and prayers are with you. I also know that thoughts and prayers don't save lives without action to back them up. I spent last night loading trucks of water that Navy C130s were waiting to fly to New Orleans. We expected enough to load one 25 foot U-haul. We ended up loading 2 26 foot U-hauls, a 30 foot delivery truck from the local fitness store, and a 50 foot flatbed semi. It felt so good to know that by my sweat I was helping save lives. This small miracle was organized in a matter of hours by Pastor Bill Cornelius of the Bay Area Fellowship. I urge everyone who reads this to go out and do something RIGHT NOW. The biggest need in the disaster area is water. Call you priest, pastor, rabbi, or Red Cross and find out how you can send water, food, clothing, and money. Or you can use the link below to donate right now:

If the server is slow you can call in your donation at 1-800-HELP-NOW. Please give all you can. If you don't have money, give time. Call you local Red Cross office to find out how you can help. Our brothers and sisters need you RIGHT NOW. Every hour that passes finds another dead of dehydration, drowning, or sickness caused by the rising water. You can make a difference.

I was going to complain about gas prices today (which topped $3.00 a gallon) but rethinking that I realized, to use my voice on the net to whine about filling my tank when I can raise my voice to help save people was just wrong. Help our fellow Americans. Show the world why this is the GREATEST NATION ever to rise. Let us open our hearts, homes, and wallets to help our neighbors. America bless those in need, and God bless America.

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