Monday, September 19, 2005

Rough day

It has been kind of a rough morning so I won't be posting much today. Just wanted to get some ideas on the political party name and all the other crap that goes with it. Peace out!


JC said...

A "third" party is probably doomed to failure, as you pointed out, lots of people are going to vote for D or R because their parents did.

Perhaps we should take over a certain party that was weakened by several electoral losses in a row, drop their lunatic fringe off with the Greens and take over the center?

Anonymous said...

Social Republicans??

that'll confuse 'em just enough.

Michael J. Clarkson, Jr. said...

The problem you run into with using an existing party is that much of the leadership is from the fringe. For the Republicans we have strong Bible thumping conservatives and for the Democrats we have...well...Dean. I really think Americans will vote for a third party if we get the word out. Proof is in the number of people who voted for that psycho Ross Perot.

That said, it might be easier to take over a party and Howard Dean did show. Had he not been the nut job he was we might be calling him "Mr. President". We just have to get canidates from all over the country who feel the same...

Brock Neilson said...

It is so refreshing to find other people who are also sick of the D and R factions...I think they are both ridiculous in their current state.

I hope things pick up for you Michael.

Angel said...

HEY - I voted for Perot because he was the lesser of the possible evils, at the time.

PLUS, it was the first election year where I was able to vote. I certainly wasn't going to risk my one vote throwing the balance between the D and R candidates. Hee-hee!

- Angel