Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Reply to JC

The following is a reply to JC's post found here.

First, I am surprised by the number of times I have nodded my head in agreement while reading JC's site considering my proclivity for voting Republican. I guess I am less conservative than I once thought. I sounded much like Kali in my younger days. Then I learned that, shock of all shocks, Rush Limbaugh did not speak for God and Fox News was not owned by Him. I guess you could call me a Republicrat if you must affiliate me with either party (although at this point both are repugnant to me).

As for the vitriol of Archangel, that has no place in any rational discussion. In matters like the disaster of Katrina I don't even think words like liberal or conservative have place. Both liberal and conservative have died here by what insurance companies refer to as "an act of God." Nobody saw this coming. All have responded to aid those harmed. Anyone who uses this disaster as a podium for his political distaste for either party can shut the hell up right now. Members of both parties could have done more to prevent this. The fact is that nobody did and now we have thousands of our brothers and sisters dead and thousands more left with nothing. Don't point any fingers till this is fixed.

For the record, I do think Kali was trolling for flames by posting to a clearly liberal group with her sentiments.

I did read through the posts on Americablog and found myself disgruntled by politics in general. They make the point that Bush is not good for this nation. My point is neither is Kerry, Gore, or anyone else on either side. Both the Republican Party and Democratic Party are disturbingly rich and perpetuate the Oligarchy (to borrow a word from JC).

We need to revolt. Note to militia: I am speaking of political revolt, put down the guns and go back to the bunkers. I am too young to run for president next round but in 2012 I have a shot. Question: Should I form a political party for moderates like myself and run for president on that platform? The premise would be one similar to the true intentions of our founding fathers, by the people, of the people, for the people. The current premise is of the people, for the rich, by the rich and connected. Any for a little "Viva la Revolution"?

P.S. When spell checking this post, Blogger suggests Americablog be spelled unmercifully. ROFLMAO.


JC said...

Great post.

I'll vote for you in 08. I have to warn you though, we're not sure they really count votes up here in Ohio...

But wait- I'm pretty sure all the founding fathers were rich and well-connected too. Maybe this is what they had in mind?

I am also surprised at how often we agree, mabye we ought to form a new party, the realworldicans or something. We'll only run candidates that have held a job at least once in their lives. (and had to live on what they earned)

Angel said...

I'd vote for ya in long as you bring the United States back to our roots.

- Angel