Thursday, February 02, 2006

The next Moses

I don't have any one specific idea for today's post so I am just going to type my thought stream until someone steals my keyboard.

I designed a tattoo for my right shoulder I think is cool.

I think I did a decent job.

My dad was visiting with the Stake President of our local church who told him I was really close to having my priesthood restored when I went inactive. Please note, I had been waiting for over a year and a half for the paperwork to submit for the restoration of my priesthood and heard nothing but "soon". I almost laughed so hard my Monster came out my nose. That would be a waste of caffeine. Aside from my complete lack of faith, I enjoy beer too much to go back to that crap. Any church that can be so disorganized as to not even be able to get paperwork to me for a year and a half is wasting my time. I guess they are using the same sense of "soon" the Apostle Paul was using when he said the second coming was "nigh at hand" roughly 2000 years ago.

On that note, I am continuing in my philosophical studies and will soon post some of my own philosophical pontification (also read bullshit) regarding the existence of God and my two bits worth on Plato's concept of duality.

Maybe I should even write my own "religious" text.
The book of Michael, 1:1
"And behold in the year one thousand and nine hundred and seventy eight there was born Michael, prophet, windbag, narcissist, and bullshit master and from him poured forth the holy word of a fool. I mean holy word of God. Yeah. God. That's the ticket. Ignore the fool remark. That never happened."
Maybe I could be the next don't could happen...

Nobody has taken my keyboard yet so I guess I'll just keep typ


StrawberryBlondeTart said...

Love... The... Tat...

oh yum

I'm eating bananas in my ice cream and you're not!!! HAHAHA

ok... so now that my mouth isnt full - um, when would you like to price that beaut out? That would look HOT on your upper arm. I would drool more for you but then i'd get ice cream on my shirt... no wait- thats you! heeheehee

I LUBBA YOUUUU!!!! hopefully mom will have more beer tonight to drink with the chicken. Its a wonder I had never really liked beer to begin with. anyhow... It'll be the good stuff

I bet she'll look at us weird if we start drinkin. She may even call us heathens... lmao

sexy little kisses all over baby!

Michael J. Clarkson, Jr. said...

Mmmm...cream on your boobs...I mean shirt...

We need to call D for the hook up on the tat ASAP.

Beer and chicken...almost as good as porn and chicken...

Yo soy un heathen

PooPooCup said...

I don't think this is the place to be letting your genitals hang out, guys. Take that, your cream, and boobs to a hotel.

Unless you wish to provide a bit more in the way of details so that us out here in readerland can enjoy it, too.

Dirty married people.

Michael J. Clarkson, Jr. said...

Hmmm....details....hear that honey? She wants details...We could tell you but they might burn a hole in your underwear.

Angel said...

Yeah I agree, the tattoo looks good. I know people at Elektra Art (in the Bluff) if you need help pricing it. Some people take advantage of virgin flesh, especially with custom tattoos, and try to charge an arm & a leg.

Damn you heathens...oh wait, I resemble that remark. My apologies!

- Rev_Sapphire

PS: PooPooCup, you really don't want details. I've known these two forever and sometimes there's such a thing as TMI. Hee-hee!

Michael J. Clarkson, Jr. said...

I was actually thinking Forever Art because Denise went to school with the owner/lead artist and her portfolio kicks serious ass. Plus, I am going in with some seriously nonvirgin flesh to ensure fair pricing.