Saturday, December 13, 2008


Cows of the world may breathe a sigh of relief. As of yesterday I have become a vegetarian. Surprised? So was I. After a good hard look at my health I realized I need a healthy change. So I have cut out both meat and most processed foods. Why? The only fat vegetarians I have ever met are ones who eat high fat, high salt processed foods like chips and fried foods. So I have stuck primarily to raw fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads, and the occasional dash of cheese. I have supplemented this with multi-vitamins to make up for the nutrients missing from the standard vegetarian diet.

What I have discovered in the last 48 hours is an increase in energy, a decrease in blood pressure, and after I eat I don't have the feeling that I need a wheel barrow to wheel my fat ass to the car. I will be making note of my progress here. As of now my weight is about 302 lbs. and my blood pressure is at 130/85. I wear a 42" waist pant. Lets see where this takes me.

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