Monday, December 15, 2008

Vegetarian Goodness day 4

So, for health reasons (I am a fat ass who was sprinting to a heart attack) I have become a vegetarian. I am on day four into the world of rabbit food and I have to admit, I don't miss meat that much. That is not to say I would be able to walk into a steakhouse and order a salad but I can get out of a Burger King without a twinge. I feel better, I have noticeably more energy, and I never get up from the table groaning and looking for a wheel barrow to get my ass to the car. At least at this point, four days in, it feels good. I'll keep you posted in case I get to the point I decide to kill someone for a lick of steak.

It is kind of weird writing a blog that doesn't have me screaming obscenities about some outrage. So to end in true form, fuck the fucking fuckers. There. That feels better.

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Angel said...

Wow I didn't know you'd become vegetarian. Good for you.

I am extremely fond of rabbit food. I prefer my veggies raw rather than cooked...and whenever I get the chance, I purchase veggies and fruit or go to SuperSalad buffet and chow down on more than my weight in salad. Mmmm!

Congrats and good luck!

- Angel