Friday, December 02, 2005


My mind is a bit muddled right now. I don't seem to have any one cohesive thought but a jumbled series of half thoughts. Sometimes pondering philosophy and the nature of the universe while also doing my job of fixing computers causes my brain to short circuit. Then a brain dump is required. Here goes:

These diet pills are awesome but being conscious while at work sucks...

If man is created in God's image, who's image is woman created in?

If the Universe has an edge and you step past it, what do you step into?

When you analyze things, logic can make almost anything make sense. Maybe that is the way the Flying Spaghetti Monster wishes it. I have now been touched in the head by His noodly appendage.

What if the hokey pokey is in fact not what it is all about?

Why on earth would anyone want to be conscious at work?

Why has someone not stolen my keyboard and held it hostage until I agree to quit letting my brain throw up on the internet? I mean for the love of the Baby Jesus, this post was neither funny nor informative. I will shut up now.


JC said...

You do realize some of us pay good money for that kind of thing.

And it ain't to lose weight.

but good luck at that.

JC said...


1. Woman is god. (duh)

2. You'll step in a pile of steaming horseshit.

3. Do the Hokey Pokey anyway. DO IT!

4. It's easier to fake being competent when you're awake.

5. Keep your keyboard, it's fun watching you vomit.

JC said...

Dude, the comments are still black.
check it-

JC said...


Now I can see myself windbag.

Angel said...

First off let me just say I like JC's way of thinking "1. Woman is god. (duh)" Hee-hee!

Anyhow...watching you word-vomit all over the net is fascinating to me. Don't let anyone take your keyboard away...I mean, where else can a person get this kinda entertainment any hour of the day, just by getting online?

Um......Brain-farted (or as you put it, "mind dump"). Guess I ought to stop writing for now, since I have nothing else to contribute to your confusion. Peace, Love & Puppy Chow!

- Rev_Sapphire

PS: Avoid diet pills ya damned speed freaks. You trying to make yourselves healthy or addicted?

Angel said...

FSM-ism at it's finest...

- Rev_Sapphire